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Public Safety Levy

In December 2018 the Polk County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution to place the renewal of the Public Safety Levy on the ballot on May 21st, 2019.   The renewal levy does not decrease any services. They decided to cap the renewal at 42.5 cents per thousand of assessed value, down from 45 cents as it currently is.

To protect the investment, we have all made into our safety and to ensure continuity of crucial law enforcement services to all of Polk county we must renew the original public safety levy, as its nearing its end.

Polk County is a safer community with the levy in place.  Because of the levy, the Polk County Public Safety System is more effectively able to deter and prevent crime, arrest and prosecute criminals while providing a professional level of service; all the while being accountable to the people, we serve. Want to download and print a flyer at home? Download the flyer HERE.

Sheriff Mark Garton talking about the levy at the Monmouth & Independence Chamber of Commerce Public Safety Levy Forum

What does the Levy Provide?

You can download the Levy Key Facts HERE or continue reading below:

-24/7 patrol services
-Adequate staffing in the district attorneys office to prosecute crime
-Allows operation of the Polk County Inter-Agency Narcotics Team (POINT)
-12 Patrol Deputies
-5 Full time employees in the Jail (3 -Deputies/2 Civilian support staff)
-5 Full time employees in the District Attorney’s Office (3 Prosecutors and 2 Legal Support staff)

Has it worked?  Here is the proof:

YES, it has worked, and is working, and we want the levy to continue serving our community.  

1. We have more deputies on patrol which make our roads and communities safer.
2. Our children’s schools are safer because of our School Resource Deputy.
3. We deliver critical mental health services to those in need, at the time of crisis.
4. Our jail delivers more efficient alcohol, drug and mental health treatment to those in custody.
5. We are able to prosecute over 800 more cases per year in the DA’s Office, a 66% increase
6. Our drug team (POINT) has investigated over 180 major drug dealing cases.

All of this is BECAUSE of the levy. Please help us keep Polk County safer by supporting the renewal of the levy in May 2019.

– 71% increase in calls for service for the Sheriff’s Office vs. before levy
– Responds to over 24,000 calls per year
– Every year, Over 10,000 calls would not have been answered, but for the levy

– Over 11 lbs of Meth & Heroin taken off of the streets
– Over 200 arrests and convictions
– During POINT investigations, 12 illegal weapons were seized

District Attorney’s Office
– Increase of over 200 (105% increase) DUII arrests and prosecutions
– 170% increase in drug cases
(286 in 2015 vs 773 in 2017)
– Mental Health Court
– Sexual Abuse Response Team
– Elder Abuse Team
– Increasing Victims’ Rights

Next Steps…

We need your help to renew this levy. Please considering JOINING THE LIST of supporters and making a donation to this campaign.

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Married couples can receive a $100 ($50 if filing as single) tax credit per year or when filing state taxes