Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions that have came up during this levy campaign.  If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, please email,   You can also download the FAQ sheet by clicking HERE

Why renew 1 year early?

To ensure continuity and not wait until the last moment, which will ensure staff won’t be left to wonder and potentially leave for other agencies.  We want to protect the large investment that we have all worked at since the passage of the levy in 2015. 

How much does the current levy cost?

The original levy passed in 2015 was approved to tax up to .45 cents per thousand of assessed value.  Which means if you own a $200k assessed value home, you could pay up to $90 per year.   

Will the new levy increase in cost?

No, actually the cap was reduced to be “42.5 Cents” per thousand of assessed property value

How much has been levied thus far?

At no time have the commissioners levied the full amount that has been authorized.   On Average: .33 Cents per thousand

1st year – .308 cents,  2nd year – .319 cents,   3rd year – .378 cents,  4th year –  .319 cents

How many people did this levy allow to be hired?

The answer is 22.  Specifically in the Sheriff’s Office –  12 patrol deputies and 5 jail staff.  In the District Attorney’s Office – 3 prosecutors and 2 legal support staff

How much does it cost to train a new deputy?

The answer is just over $144,000 in the first year.  This figure represents salary of the new deputy for 1 year, outfitting the new deputy with uniforms and equipment, salary of the field training officers (FTO) during the 12-16 weeks of field training and to backfill the vacant position while the new deputy is at the police academy for 16 weeks.